At Journey’s End: Milltown’s New Water

Newfoundland has a lot of water challenges. Due to difficult raw water and weather conditions and the limitations of traditional chemical water treatments, many municipalities don’t have easy access to healthy drinking water. Currently Milltown is no exception, but soon it will be.

Milltown’s water has low pH, iron and tannin issues, and disinfection by-product (DBP) levels that greatly exceed Provincial values. DBPs are created when chlorine interacts with organic material in water. Certain values of DBPs are allowed in water, but it’s much better to have as little as possible, since long-term exposure to DBPs has been linked to some cases of cancer.

Over the past months, SanEcoTec has worked with Milltown and the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment, to create a new municipal water treatment solution for the Town (as part of the Federal and Provincial Clean Water and Waste Water Fund).

After installation and testing are complete, Milltown will be among the first municipalities to implement an AVIVE™ solution for their municipal water system.

SanEcoTec’s award-winning AVIVE™ water program replaces chlorine with stabilized peroxide as the secondary disinfectant in water. Coupled with other process steps, AVIVE™ aims to provide healthier water from every tap in the Town with much improved aesthetics.

On November 16, the 20-foot, modified shipping container called WaterShed™ left Ottawa, the first step of its journey to Milltown.

(L to R) Jim Shubat, CTO; Joanna El Hares, Technical and Commercial Support Coordinator; August Guo, R&D Coordinator; and Robert Tyssen, Engineering Project Manager.

WaterShed™ is an independent and prebuilt water treatment package that houses part of or a complete AVIVE™ System. Everything is tested and calibrated before shipping and once on-site, WaterShed™ can be positioned for on-site convenience and optimization.

Among its many benefits, having an independent structure housing all the necessary equipment means that the existing water infrastructure of the Town does not require much modification.

WaterShed™ has easy integration capabilities to the current infrastructure’s plumbing and electrical.

On November 22, WaterShed™ arrived in Milltown after a journey by truck to the Port of Montreal, where it was then loaded onto a transport ship and sailed to the Port of St. John’s, before finishing its journey overland and on the back of a truck again.

On December 4, installation of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment began. The Town is currently under a voluntary boil water advisory (vBWA) to allow for system testing before the new system is fully implemented. A vBWA is a standard precaution taken when a change is being made to any drinking water system.

Once the Town’s water meets Provincial Guidelines for bacteriological sampling the BWA will be lifted.

The projected date for the Town to have an up-and-running system and to have better quality water from every tap in every home is December 15, pending the historical state of the distribution system.

Everyone at SanEcoTec is thrilled that Milltown will soon have cleaner and better drinking water.

The AVIVE™ program is already in Sunnyside, Newfoundland and Killaloe, Ontario. 

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  1. Congrats Folks … Enjoyed the read and the highlights. Keep enjoying the journey. … grey & green. (Jim & Els…. you always liked that approach).

    All the best in 2018.

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