Water Primer, Water Primacy: The Solution

As said earlier, the most direct way we can influence the water industry is by changing the way we treat water.

By changing our methods, there is potential to produce healthier water for people, better water for infrastructure, productive water for agriculture, and more re-usable water for cities, all while remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Although cliché, the sentiment remains true – we can make waves in the energy industry and the food industry by starting with water.  And there seems no better place to start than in Canada, a country boasting 20% of the world’s global freshwater supply.

With a 20% supply, it seems appropriate that Canada would be a global leader in water treatment and water management.

Except we’re not.

Our natural abundance may be the very reason Canada is not yet at the forefront of the water revolution. With water so readily available and adequate treatment methods, there is little incentive to conserve or change our methods.

Instead of remaining complacent and upholding the status quo, it is necessary to implement measures that will take care of future generations, turn Canada into a global leader, and above all else, treat water with the respect it deserves.

The Vision

SanEcoTec, an advanced water treatment company, works with water daily, and knows first hand the impact sustainably treated water can have on individuals, municipalities and agricultural institutions.

Owners of the AVIVE™ Water Programs, SanEcoTec believes that Healthy Water Can Change the World.

These programs integrate innovative products and services with expert know-how, and support environmental integrity while remaining economically viable for municipalities, greenhouses, farms and individuals.

Already, SanEcoTec’s work is in one Ontario community; four Newfoundland communities; some of North America’s leading greenhouses; dairy farms; two major universities, and hundreds of households.

AVIVE™ is the Clean50 People’s Choice Winner for 2015 and Water Canada’s 2016 Water’s Next Drinking Water Award Winner. The Company has been featured as a water tech company of the future in local, national and science publications as well as at municipal conferences, industry shows, and trade events.

The returns on AVIVE™ Programs are apparent across the many applications, pilot programs, studies and daily uses incorporating AVIVE™ – from healthier drinking water in hundreds of homes, to dechlorinated water in municipalities, to more productive water in greenhouses.

With so many encouraging returns already, the team at SanEcoTec continues to develop new applications for AVIVE™, believing that there is potential for even greater things.

But they don’t believe in doing things alone. A change this big needs partners, from the individual to the heads of national and global governments.

We have no right to remain passive if what we do today as a nation and a global community has the potential to change deficit to surplus.

It all comes back to water, but it all comes down to us.

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