ATP Testing

WHAT IS ATP? ·         Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule associated with all living cells and is essential for microbiological life

·         ATP is responsible for the transport of energy in the living bacterial cell and the feeding and reproduction (multiplication) of the cell

·         ATP provides a reliable indication of biological activity in water

APPLICATIONS ·         ATP testing in water provides an indication of biofilm formation within water distribution system plumbing

·         Since greenhouses often recirculate water, the water needs to be free from pathogens and microbes before returning to the plants. ATP testing provides growers peace of mind by ensuring the biological concentrations are low and ATP levels remain under control

ATP TESTING & AVIVE™ ·         ATP testing identifies the level of biological concentration in the water. If these concentrations are high it can be assumed some of the biological activity is from harmful bacteria

·         An AVIVE™ program is incorporated to eliminate the pathogens and biofilm making for better quality water for the plants

·         Further and regular ATP testing is integrated into standard operations to keep ATP levels at optimal conditions

PARTNERS & PROGRAMS ·         SanEcoTec partners with LuminUltra, a microbial monitoring company that provides solutions for the monitoring and control of microbes in various industries and applications

·         SanEcoTec offers Risk Analysis and Biofilm Monitoring through its ATP testing service

RESOURCES & CONTACT ·         Jim Shubat – Chief Technology Officer; 613.620.8101;

·         Robert Tyssen, Project Development Manager; 613.294.2522;

“Healthy water. Cleaner pipes and tanks. Lower cost. Better source protection…Elimination of disease- causing by-products. Effective recycling, re-use and restore capabilities…Tastes great straight from the tap — so less bottled water.  Reduced landfill. Cleaner air. Reduced energy…See what we mean? There really is an extraordinary ripple effect.”
Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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