More than Clean Water: Manotick’s Water Challenges

Rivers run through the fabric of Manotick.

Named for the Ojibwa word, meaning island in the river, the village of Manotick is a rural haven for 4,500 residents.

It was the Rideau River that provided power for the founding mill and it’s the Ottawa River that serves the municipal drinking water system many residents use.

However, not everyone is on the municipal system, a system praised for its high-quality, chlorine and chloramine treated water. Some residents are on private wells for which the City of Ottawa is not responsible – it does not inspect or regulate them, leaving residents on their own.

Manotick’s Water Condition

Residents on well water have a jarringly different experience than those on the system “rated one of the world’s safest and highest quality”, according to the City of Ottawa website.

Mike Brennan, who worked for years a local plumber, has seen it all and suffered through personal water challenges.

“I’ve seen Manotick well water with levels of hardness far above what’s recommended and iron levels that are more than enough to make water smell, taste bad and be coloured,” says Brennan. “My own water had issues with sulphur, iron, bad taste and smell, hardness and bacteria.”

The quality of well water isn’t the only issue. So is the quality of municipal water.

Ingestion or absorption of chlorine from tap water is not the main issue though allergies exist – the problem is chlorine always combines with natural organics and oxidizes into potentially harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs).

There are 600 known DBPs, only 11 are regulated and eight are known carcinogens. Scientific literature has confirmed links between DBPs and one in seven bladder cancer diagnoses and one in six colorectal cancer diagnoses.

Chloramine also creates DBPs, currently unregulated in this jurisdiction, but no longer permissible in many other countries.

The Current Situation

According to a study released May 1, 2017 by StatsCan, 51% of Canadians treat their drinking water whether they are on a municipal system or not. The most common reasons for treatment include improving taste, colour and odour and removing chemicals like chlorine.

Households on a private water source, like wells, were more likely than households connected to a municipal system to apply a filter to the main supply pipe.

When Brennan’s son was very young, rashes and dry, cracked skin covered most of his body, causing severe pain. The family doctor told Brennan it was likely due to an allergy, likely caused by something in the air or water.

Brennan installed a full system in his house to fix the water – it included a sediment filter, iron and sulphur filter, a water softener, a UV light and carbon filter. And still his son’s condition did not improve.

He finally saw hope when he installed an AVIVE™ Healthy Water System.

“His condition cleared up almost immediately,” Brennan recalled. “Two weeks later his dry skin was healed. I disconnected much of my original installation.”

From then on Brennan became a self-professed fan of SanEcoTec Ltd., the water solutions company that owns AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems.  Years later, Brennan joined the team as the Small Systems Sales Manager.

For Tracy Lalonde, fellow team member, the AVIVE™ Healthy Water System cleared up the odour from her well, made her white laundry white again and removed the stain from the sink, while saving the household almost $300 a year in bottled water costs.

The Modern Solution

The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System combines Huwa-San® Hydrogen Peroxide (HSP) with other leading technology to combat water challenges faced by homeowners.

HSP is a new generation of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, H202, is a naturally occurring molecule used for years in food preparation and organic agriculture. Due to its inherent instability in water it did not make the leap into water treatment until recently.

In comparison, HSP remains stable and effective even after considerable time in the distribution system, and – unlike chlorine and chloramine – HSP does not create any known DBPs, instead reducing the amount of DBPs by more than 70% as found in two separate pilot projects.

HSP, when tested against chlorine, showed greater disinfectant properties over a wider pH and temperature range, and was more effective in lower concentrations across all cases, than generic hydrogen peroxide.

It is also far less corrosive than chlorine and so better for pipes and infrastructure.

The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System, as its name would suggest, aims to provide homeowners with Healthy Water, not just “clean” water.

Clean water may be aesthetically pleasing and may not inflict illness in the short-run, but Healthy Water aims to support long-term wellness.

Healthy Water is rich in oxygen since H202 breaks down into water and oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for cells to produce energy. Healthy Water is pH balanced and also aims to keep trace elements, good-for-the-body minerals which may be filtered by other treatments.

Each AVIVE™ Healthy Water System is customized and carefully engineered to meet the individual water needs of homeowners.

Mary, a Manotick local, has had her system for four years. “We thought we tried everything, then we finally installed an AVIVE™ Healthy Water System. It’s the best! We are delighted with the quality of our water – and so are our plants and animals!”

“I’ve had people say things like I can’t believe it’s so good or wow, it really is as good as you said,” says Brennan.

Brennan would like to see the success of the AVIVE™ system extend beyond residential installations to restaurants, health clubs, and homeopathic wellness centers.

Lalonde hopes to continue working with the homeowners through ever-better after-care to ensure total system optimization and a future free of water worries.

“Less than three years ago, I made the decision to go back to school and change careers,” says Lalonde. “I never imagined I could be so fulfilled in my work. Every day I work with water, knowing Healthy Water is vital to all living things, now and for future generations. We’re nowhere near the finish line…Healthy Water in the home is just the beginning.”

To learn more about how to get an AVIVE™ Healthy Water System for your home, contact Mike Brennan at 613.301.9880 or by e-mail at

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