A Shared Responsibility: Rivers to Oceans Week

OTTAWA – Do you know where your plastic and garbage goes? According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, whatever is not recycled or sitting in landfills is likely to end up in rivers and oceans, poisoning the ecosystem and creating devastating consequences.

  • In water, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually becoming micro-plastics the size of grains of sand.
  • Microbeads, synthetic fibres and plastic pellets pollute rivers.
  • There are five garbage patches located in ocean gyres, current vortexes that cover 40% of the oceans’ total area.
  • There are currently five garbage patches, but it appears that a sixth one is forming.
  • The garbage which is present on the surface of the ocean is only the tip of the iceberg: 70% of it sits below the surface.

There is too much garbage in the ocean to be cleaned with the traditional methods of nets and boats.

Image used with permission of Ottawa photographer, Sarah Knowles. View more of her work at sarahknowles.ca

For now, all that’s left to do is prevent a seventh or eighth gyre from forming and that begins at home.

Limiting the amount of plastic used and ensuring proper recycling are some of the first steps. Discarding the use of all non-reusable water bottles is one way to limit plastic.

An AVIVE™ Healthy Water System aims to provide homeowners with Healthy Water from every tap in the home, resolving any need for bottled water. Healthy Water is oxygen-rich, naturally balanced and treated with technologies that are kind to the environment.

The responsibility of protecting our water is a shared responsibility. SanEcoTec Ltd., owners of AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems is committed to leaving the earth better than it was found through innovation in natural and sustainable technologies.

Next steps:

  • Find out how to limit the amount of plastic in your home by visiting riverstooceans.ca
  • Contact Mike to book your free in-home consultation for an AVIVE™ Healthy Water System.

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