Sustainable approaches to drinking water

Sustainable approaches to drinking water treatment in NL

  • Surface water sources of drinking water in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) present unique challenges to treatment engineering, characterized by high concentrations of Natural Organic Matter (NOM), low pH and hardness.
  • NOM and chlorine disinfectants often used in traditional treatment can yield high concentrations of potentially carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBPs).
  • Additional challenges include aging infrastructure, lack of available operator time, and difficulties in securing funding.
  • Since 1970, more than 600 DBPs have been identified. Eleven are regulated and eight are known carcinogens.
  • One in seven diagnoses of bladder cancer, and one in six of colorectal cancer in Canada can be traced back to DBPs, per Ontario study.
  • Direct medical costs of these diagnoses are $200 million annually.
  • Chlorine disinfectants are unstable in hot water making water from shower heads and hot water faucets non-potable.
  • Ten minute showers are equivalent to consuming eight glasses of water in terms of steam ingested and absorbed by the skin (according to studies by the WHO and University of Pittsburgh).
  • Pilot project using AVIVE™ Water Treatment System using hydrogen peroxide as secondary disinfection.
  • Town’s water supply had levels of DBPs that far exceeded Health Canada Guidelines, and persistent Boil Water Advisories (BWAs).
  • Hydrogen peroxide carries the advantages of no known, harmful DBPs, and disinfection performance is superior to chlorine over wider pH ranges.
  • Stabilized hydrogen peroxide used in AVIVE™ is injected as a secondary and residual disinfectant, nullifying chlorine – after required contact time – and arresting DBP formation.
  • Results included an immediate decrease in DBPs, measurable disinfectant residuals at the end of distribution, bacteriological control, improved colour and clarity, and less wasted water due to reduced need of continuous flushing.


  • AVIVE™ is the 2016 Water’s Next Award Winner for Municipal Drinking Water, and 2015 People’s Choice Award Winner for Canada’s Clean 50 Sustainability.
  • AVIVE™ is a viable alternative to chlorine, using a form of stabilized hydrogen peroxide along with other advanced technologies.

Healthy water. Cleaner pipes and tanks. Lower cost. Better source protection…Elimination of disease- causing by-products. Effective recycling, re-use and restore capabilities…Tastes great straight from the tap — so less bottled water. Reduced landfill. Cleaner air. Reduced energy…See what we mean? There really is an extraordinary ripple effect.

  • Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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