In the Fields

At a vegetable greenhouse in Western Canada, HSP Agro was used as one of the final steps in clean out before the current crop. The new crop is showing the benefits of this cleaning with greener and healthier looking leaves. While end results will take a few more months, the preliminary results are very promising and the greenhouse is pleased. For more information, contact Louis De Decker.


An AVIVE™ customer in Ontario – a full-service vegetables producer – has verified, through successful trials, the ability of AVIVE™ in dealing with biofilm. AVIVE™ is improving the ongoing quality of the UV treated irrigation water. For more information, contact Louis De Decker.


When it comes to AVIVE™, a little goes a long way – as say the encouraging results from a fresh produce packaging operation in Ontario. Dosed at comparable levels, AVIVE’s™ form of hydrogen peroxide outperformed the more commonly used peracetic acid. Recorded background microbiology readings were zero for a full production run of tomatoes, and water samples from the first flume showed acceptable residual with very little sanitizer consumption during the wash. For more information, contact Bruce Lancefield.

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