SanEcoTec Ltd. Named 2015 Clean50 Top15 Project Award Winner

Ottawa – Following yesterday’s announcement of the 2015 Clean50 Top15 Project Award Winners SanEcoTec Ltd. is pleased to accept recognition of this important achievement.

The Clean50 Awards are given annually to 50 individuals or small teams, who have made the greatest contribution to clean capitalism and sustainability in Canada over the prior two years.

The Clean50 Selection Committee also recognizes the Top15 Projects or initiatives completed over the past two years based on: Innovation, Overall Impact and the Influential Example set for others.

SanEcoTec is being recognized for introducing AVIVE™ Healthy Water. Better Life.

AVIVE™ has been called one of the most significant innovations in municipal drinking water since the introduction of chlorine as a primary disinfectant more than a century ago. The AVIVE™ water treatment process represents a viable new disinfection alternative for communities, homes and farms that are grappling with the potentially adverse health implications associated with trihalomethanes and other chlorine-related byproducts.

In accepting the Award, Jim Shubat Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SanEcoTec said,

We are happiest for the people of Killaloe who now enjoy healthy water without chlorine smell, taste and harmful by-products. Their support was instrumental in helping us achieve such marvelous results. Think about it: they have clean, safe water – cost-effectively with reductions in water, chemical and energy demand – and their contribution to the health of their community and the health of their environment is positive and valuable. We’re proud of the true sustainability message this story conveys.

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