Open Letter to the Canadian Water Quality Association

SanEcoTec Head of Regulatory Affairs – Regulatory Affairs Bulletin – Release #3

re: Current use of non-stabilized/non-food grade hydrogen peroxides in drinking water.

This letter is on behalf of SanEcoTec Ltd., owners of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution and exclusive representative of HuwaSan peroxide (HSP), a silver-stabilized, food grade hydrogen peroxide formulated for optimal safety and efficacy in microbe control  in potable water. HSP’s proprietary formulation of ionic-silver stabilization confers the advantage of resistance to catalase-induced  degradation with consequent long-acting effect (ie. maintains residual better).

I am writing to inform you of health and safety concerns we have regarding the current use of non-stabilized and/or non-food grade  hydrogen peroxides in residential drinking water at higher than recommended concentrations.

In the course of our usual business we have determined that individuals and companies sometimes substitute non-stabilized and/or  non-food grade hydrogen peroxide for HSP in their water systems. The concentration of these ‘generic’ or industrial peroxides (preuse)  may be as high as 35%, requiring special handling and safety measures; despite this, these products are being stored on site at  private residences.

Occasionally, industrial grade peroxides are used. The lower purity (safety) and quality control requirements for industrial peroxide  versus food-grade peroxide introduce potential health risk for users.

We have learned first-hand that residual peroxide concentrations in residences using non-stabilized peroxide have been measured  at levels exceeding 100 ppm. Based on the most recent NSF assessments, hydrogen peroxide levels in potable water should not  exceed 8 ppm [1].

Although this upper limit may increase in the future as new efficacy and toxicity data emerge, chronic human exposure to hydrogen  peroxide levels above 8 ppm cannot be considered acceptable or safe at this time.

SanEcoTec Ltd. is committed to the safe, efficacious and sustainable treatment of water and as such – through the AVIVE™ process –  is the only provider of silver-stabilized, food grade, NSF-approved hydrogen peroxide for use in water treatment. To this end, we are  obligated to report our findings to you.

Further, we are committed to working with CWQA to help educate and inform consumers regarding safe and appropriate water  treatment practices, particularly with respect to hydrogen peroxide, to ensure that the full potential of silver-stabilized hydrogen  peroxide is realized, and to ensure consumers are not at risk from toxicity related to inappropriate handling, storage and consumption.

Dr. David G. Barnes, MD

Vice President R&D and Regulatory Affairs

DavidDr. David Barnes is Vice-President Product Development and Regulatory Affairs for SanEcoTec Ltd. and AVIVE™. Dr. Barnes is a physician-scientist with expertise in product development, clinical R&D, regulatory approvals and commercial operations for a wide range of consumer products. He is a former Health Canada advisor and has executive-level experience with publicly traded pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health products companies around the world.


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