Important Announcement by SanEcoTec Ltd. in Farm and Agro Sector

Ottawa – Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SanEcoTec Ltd. – owner of AVIVE™ Water Treatment
Solutions – today announced the addition of Dave Robinson to the Company’s Business Development team, in the role of Technical Sales and Development Manager, Farming and Agro.

“Dave brings exceptional experience, knowledge and credibility to this role following a distinguished sales and marketing career in the farm and manufacturing sectors. He has worked around the world in virtually every business process involving agriculture, food and monitoring and control equipment, for both private and regulatory interests, during the past 25 years”, said Mr. Shubat.

“Dave has the perfect mix of advanced technology expertise and hands-on commercial success to help develop our customer base. With AVIVE™, Dave will be applying learning from our successful Pilots in dairy farming, plant propagation, greenhouse operations, food processing, water recycling and water remediation.”

AVIVE™ has been called one of the most significant innovations in water since the introduction of chlorine as a primary disinfectant more than a century ago. The AVIVE™ water treatment process represents a viable new disinfection alternative; a proven method for process improvement; and a game-changing program for yield optimization in agriculture.

AVIVE™ is Winner of the Clean50 Top15 Project Award given to leaders who have made the greatest contribution to clean capitalism and sustainability.


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