SanEcoTec Ltd. Announces Partnership with LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

OTTAWA – Canadian water treatment and disinfection company SanEcoTec Ltd. – owner of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution and Kramer Process Engineering technology – is pleased to announce a sales partnership with LuminUltra Technologies Ltd., a global leader in rapid microbiological testing solutions.

Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SanEcoTec said, “We have worked very closely with LuminUltra in our different municipal drinking water Pilots at Killaloe and Southwest Middlesex and Chatham-Kent Ontario. Where it has been important to have the very best in microbiological testing for these important pilots, LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP testing technology and protocols are the best safeguards of water integrity for the citizens of these communities.”

Pat Whalen, President & CEO of LuminUltra said, “We think the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution is a significant breakthrough in water treatment. We are delighted that we will proceed together with SanEcoTec on different shared projects in an effort to improve water quality for industries and consumers alike.”

The nature of the agreement being announced is to allow each of SanEcoTec and LuminUltra to represent the other’s proprietary technologies in developing global water treatment and microbiological measurement in municipal, residential, agricultural and food processing applications.

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