SanEcoTec Ltd. Acquires Kramer Process Engineering, Netherlands

OTTAWA – Canadian water treatment and disinfection company SanEcoTec Ltd. – with its partner SEM Waterbehandeling B.V. – is pleased to announce the acquisition of Kramer Process Engineering.

Kramer is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of precision instruments for measuring and control systems in water treatment. Kramer has pioneered photometric methods to monitor water chemistry and continues a proud 25-year history of leadership in the industry, now with SanEcoTec and SEM.

“The addition of the Kramer technology to our Company allows us to provide a fully integrated system in developing the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution”, said Els Vanbeckevoort, CEO of SanEcoTec.

AVIVE™ is a water treatment process that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally occurring in nature and in the human body. AVIVE™ provides an effective alternative to chlorine in secondary disinfection and aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state.

“The Kramer technology give us flexibility to measure water quality in dynamic ways and real world situations to ensure AVIVE™ meets the specific needs of our municipal and residential customers. This gives us superior measurement capability to fulfill on our promise of Healthy Water, Better Life,” said Ms. Vanbeckevoort.

The addition of Kramer technology – adapted for the unique needs of each application – gives AVIVE™ a further advantage in eliminating potentially dangerous disinfectant byproducts from water, and providing safe, healthy water, straight from the tap.

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